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Legal Medicine and Law


Medicine and law are two of the oldest college degrees that can be studied in practically any university that in the world. However, getting access to these degrees requires a previous studies of Bachillerato and Selectividad that are not in the reach of everyone and that constrains its access.

Nevertheless, and despite not being specialists in Law and Medicine, yes sometimes we learn concepts of both disciplines, given that everyone at some point in life needs to hire professionals dedicated to these disciplines.
Take, for example, that a person must be intervened surgically of appendicitis; In this situation, a specialist should practice the intervention who will surely give some explanations to the patient of all non-surgical process. The same situation happens when we are sued of a claim of an amount of money that we allegedly owe to a person or company; in this particular case, we will go to a lawyer to find help and legal advice in the matter.
In the first example, in response to demand and to adduce arguments in our favor that not owe the amount claimed; and, for the second example, the lawyer should advise the client on the legal path to follow in order to claim the debt in a successful way, with the consequent construction of the test.

With the examples given, it follows from the need to resort to hiring professionals in Medicine and Law, when we find ourselves in a problem that only can be solved by professionals aforementioned.

where there is medical intervention, it is best to go to a lawyer specializing in medical issues who has the knowledge of medical language

Exposed this, what happens when a problematic situation that happens to us in our daily life, in which the disciplines of medicine and the law involved? Let’s say, we have suffered an accident in the street and have suffered some injury, or have undergone surgery with a harmful or harmful outcome. Given these facts, first, need of medical care professionals, in order to put the means in their power to heal power. And, secondly, we need the intervention of a lawyer specializing in issues of Forensic Medicine and a specialist in forensic medicine expert, to that effect and make an expert opinion or an expert report whose content explain the outcome of surgery stems from a causal link between the conduct emanating care physician or team and among the damage to the injured. Once realized the medical expert opinion or the forensic report, this must be delivered to the attorney Legal Medicine, in order that may arise subsequent complaint to the Court. It is recommended that you consult a lawyer who specializes in issues of Forensic Medicine, it is this kind of lawyer who can interpret the content of any medical expert’s report or medical report, since the day of the trial should be cited the medical expert, with the main purpose of her testimony on the relationship between the behavior of medical care and the adverse patient outcome.

Ultimately, it is concluded that claims to cases where there is a medical intervention, it is best to go to a lawyer specializing in medical issues who is knowledgeable of medical language – Forensic, because the day of judgment may express some explanations more clarifying the sequence of events that caused the injury of his client.

Author: Mateo Justicia Cuevas, attorney in Forensic Medicine .

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