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Nullity timeshare contract’ll Real Estate: Court of First Instance number 53 of Barcelona. In March 2014.


Marriage suing the Financial Institution and Commercial Real Estate requesting the annulment of the timeshare contract and the nullity of the contract signed personal loan to pay for the purchase of the “Timeshare” jointly and severally with repayment of all amounts received by the company and the bank, including amortization of principal, interest and fees, since inception of the contract until the effective suspension of payments of the installments of the loan, less the coupon, plus statutory interest. Plus payment of the costs incurred.

The failure of the judgment proceeded to full estimate of the lawsuit filed by this office, declaring invalid the timeshare contract and contract linked loan from the bank, as there is lack of content and indeterminacy of the contract. Crippling defect of consent given by the marriage of essential error (willful misconduct of the merchant) and invincible were accredited. Also was established that the bank acted in concert with the company, so that the nullity extended to the accessory connection with the financial institution in relation to the intrinsic connection management. Full refund of amounts paid to marriage and severally pay statutory interest on the amount subject to condemnation from the filing of the application and payment of the costs.

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  1. Juan Andres Perez
    Sunday February 8th, 2015

    Somos el matrimonio afectado y la verdad que en principio no confiábamos mucho en la resolución del caso a nuestro favor, pero después de un gran trabajo de SARA BENJELALI
    y una brillante y excelente exposición final, ante todos los presentes en el juicio, la juez
    tuvo claro estimar íntegra la demanda a nuestro favor.

    Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de abogados y en particular a SARA.
    Enhorabuena y felicidades a todos

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